What is Co-Managed Care for Veterans?

Posted by Charlotte Webster

militaryauthority.com co managed care for veteransIf you are a veteran who is receiving care from both a VA provider and a private community provider it is important for your health and safety that your care from both your providers be coordinated, resulting in one treatment plan. This means your VA and private community providers communicate about your health status, medications, treatments, and diagnostic tests.

In order for your VA provider and your private community provider to communicate about your care, your VA provider will need copies of the following information from your private community provider’s office.The name, address and phone number of your community provider

  • Prescription(s)
  • Office visit notes supporting the prescription(s)
  • Blood work results
  • Other test results supporting the prescription(s)

You will also need to provide information on any insurance coverage you may have.

You may either bring these copies with you to your next scheduled VA medical appointment or have your private community provider fax this information to your VA provider.

In the course of your care, you may have recommendations for medications, treatments, and diagnostic tests from your private community provider that you wish to have accomplished through VA. It is the responsibility of your VA provider to use their own clinical judgment to decide what medical treatment and tests are appropriate, effective, and necessary. Only then are medications, tests and treatments ordered by your VA provider.

VA medications are listed on the VA Drug List (Formulary), which covers a broad range of generic and brand name medications. VA providers will choose the appropriate medication for you; however, it may not necessarily be a brand name drug. If VA medications require periodic blood work (monitoring), this will need to be done at a VA facility.


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