Congress Ensures Paid Time Off Returned to Guard Troops

Posted by Charlotte Webster

Through rare unanimous votes in both the House and Senate, a bill was passed this week to return paid-time-off to the Minnesota National Guard and other troops nationwide. President Obama is expected to sign the measure into law next week.

As issue were new restrictions created last October that limited paid-time-off. More than 2,000 members of the Minnesota National Guard, including the famed “Red Bulls”, and more than 49,000 other troops across the country were deployed with the promise of receiving the benefits to spend time with their families and find work at the end of their deployments, which ended last month for many.

US Rep. John Kline, (R-Minn), a retired Marine colonel took up the Guard’s cause. “Promises made should be promises kept, and it is unconscionable for the Pentagon to have changed rules while Minnesota’s famed Red Bulls were defending freedom overseas,” Kline stated.

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta supported the exemption, although Pentagon officials requested congressional action to protect all of the affected troops.


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