Dog gets online medical degree

Posted by Charlotte Webster

The economy looks pretty bleak. The unemployment rate is high. What does that mean for you?

Perhaps you are active duty military, ETSing soon and have been considering a new degree to give you an edge in the civilian world. Maybe you’re a veteran who has decided to go back to school for a couple of years to wait out the poor job market.

Well, you are in luck! Nevermind using your GI Bill benefits or signing up with the Veterans Retraining Assistance Program. Don’t waste precious time studying. You can now get a degree — even a doctorate — for the low, low price of $450 in as little as a week!

Don’t believe it? Watch Sonny’s story…

Seriously, getting a degree will help you improve your chances of scoring a good job, and a high paying one. Unemployment rates drop and income increases as you move up the education degree ladder

So how do you know that a college offering an online degree is legit? 

First, make sure you check that it is accredited. Then spend some time on its website. A legit school will have a lot of information, not just a few pages encouraging you to enroll and send a check today. Try checking it out on social media. If you find successful people listing it as part of their profile on LinkedIn, odds are it’s a good school. And people will talk about a school on Twitter, whether they like it or not, so search its name with a hashtag. 

Ok, so now that you know how to spot a scam school, how do you find a good one that offers the program you’re interested in?

Two things:

  • Check out our School Finder. You can search by education level and degree program. It will match you with schools that provide exactly what you want.
  • Once you have a list of potential schools, evaluate the colleges to see which one is right for you.
Don’t end up like Sonny. Use your military education benefits and take the time to get a real education. Otherwise, you could find yourself in the doghouse with less money in your bank account, a pretty piece of paper, and no employers taking you seriously.


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