Protect VA Healthcare Act of 2012

Posted by Charlotte Webster

Thanks to the Budget Control Act of 2011, veterans healthcare may be affected by sequestration in January 2013. The cuts would result in up to a 2% cut to VA healthcare. It may not sound like much, but a 2% cut would potentially affect a veteran’s ability to receive healthcare in a timely manner, affect the VA’s ability to hire and retain medical staff including doctors and nurses, and affect the VA’s ability to acquire much needed medical equipment and supplies like prescription drugs.

House Vererans’ Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller has stated, “Despite repeated requests made to the President and Secretary of Veterans Affairs over the past six months, I have not received any assurance — and more important, nor have our veterans — that these cuts will not take place.”

In response to the lack of an answer from the Administration to clarify the law and rule in favor of US veterans, Miller has introduced H.R. 3895, the Protect VA Healthcare Act of 2012 which would ensure that funding for America’s veterans are not cut, today or in the future.

H.R. 3895 has received support from many military groups, including The American Legion, the Fleet Reserve Association, NAUS, AUSN, Blinded Veterans Association and the Association of the U.S. Army.

The House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs has several ways you can stay informed about their progress. Visit their website at Veterans.House.Gov/3895 or join the Facebook page at If you are on Twitter, you can follow them at and with the hashtags

  • #HR3895SaveVetsHealthcare
  • #SaveVetsHealthcare
  • #HR3895ProtectOurVets
  • #ProtectOurVets


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2 responses to “Protect VA Healthcare Act of 2012”

  1. Antonio R. Gonalez says:

    I am a long service Retiree

  2. Mrs. David Leao says:

    Why does the goverment have to single-out the vets and there family. My husband was medicially retired from the service in 1976 from cancer due to ANGLE ORANGE. The real funny part of this story is he never stepped on vet nam soil, so tell me how he got cancer from it. Oh i’ll tell you, the goverment brought the agent orange chemical on every tank, truck, gun and uniform and no decontmation done. Read the papers there are a lot of deaths 49 years or younger dieing from cancer. So why doesn’t the government take csre of there own back yard, before helping 9ther people? I am a widow of one of those vets that died at 49 from cancer and the goverment doies notta. WHY??????????

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