Better times ahead for veterans seeking employment

Posted by Kelli McKinney

successful interviewingStars and Stripes reported last week that the unemployment rate for post-9/11 veterans dropped from 12.7 in May to 9.5 percent in June. 

This is encouraging for a couple of reasons: One is that in the 24 months between January 2010 to December 2011, the unemployment rate has dipped below 10 percent only twice. In 2012 alone, it has seen single digits four times. 

It’s definitely too soon to stake any claims of recovery, but there could be a positive trend in veteran hiring, even while national employment remains in a holding pattern. And I don’t know about anyone else, but while I’m looking for a job, even the suggestion of positive news is good news.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, there are nearly 800,000 veterans seeking work. About 200,000 of these are post-9/11 era vets. In recent months, both the White House and Congress have encouraged private and government agencies to hire veterans. The Department of Labor’s Veteran Retraining Assitance Program reports that within less than two months of kickoff, they’ve already had 25,000 applicants. 

If you are or if you know a veteran who is looking for work, know that there are people out there who appreciate your knowledge and skills and want to help you put them to continued good use. And we have resources to help you in your transition – whether your next steps include the pursuit of additional training and education, or if you are ready to launch a civilian career. Plus, there is a community of people just like you on our discussion boards, so you know that you’re in good company. 





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