House Passes 2013 COLA for Veterans

Posted by Charlotte Webster

describe the imageThe House has passed H.R. 4114, the Veterans’ Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment Act of 2012. If it is signed into law by also passing the Senate vote, H.R. 4114 will increase the annual cost-of-living rate for veterans beginning on December 1, 2012. This year’s estimated COLA increase will be approximately 1.9 percent.

For many, passage of the COLA each year is merely a formality. But it has typically been pushed to the end of the year, and after there were a few last-minute votes in 2011 for military pay, it is a relief to many to have it passing through Congress at such an early date. According to the press release issued by the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, taking care of the COLA now ensures that veterans will be given the benefits they have been promised without falling victim to political fighting.

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5 responses to “House Passes 2013 COLA for Veterans”

  1. floyd says:

    you think these rich a holes in the house could live on 1.9% if they were only makeing a few thousand a month

  2. Randy says:

    In 55 days we will elect another President…Ive read numerous articles on numerous sites, that, ROMNEY & RYAN WANT TO CUT DISABLED VETERANS PAY BY 15% IF ELECTED, AND STOP ANY FUTURE PAY RAISES (C.O.L.A) because they think its a entitlement not needed to balance the budget…these a holes also want to ” STREAMLINE” the V. A, which is thier fancy word to cut the V. A’s budget….WELCOME HOME IRAQ & AFGHANISTAN U.S MILITARY AND NEW VETS…what? haventheard about it?…well now you dont think Romney & Ryan are going to announce that cut, do you?…heck Romneys plan is anyones guess…he dint even know, but Ryan does…I say a million or two veterans marching on Washington, D.C, and Ryans hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin ( which is on hwy 14 and u.s. 43 ) should do the trick….HANDS OFF V.A. DISABILITY PAY ROMNEY AND RYAN….also some goofy congresswoman or woman senator from Minnisoata says veterans on disability pay make too much……go figure…..she should be ran out of office being a traitor and communist, and unsensitive to veterans…

  3. Ron says:

    I guess we have to decide the lesser of two evils

  4. clark moore says:

    Didn’t find this site until election day. I guess we have two cowards. They hide under mommies skirt and one ran to Canada and the other hide under a rock. Didn’t know that Romney and Ryan want to cut va disability pay. Which evil do you pick. Let the gov. pay for abor or cut our pay

  5. Eugene C. Ceaser says:

    What is bottom line for dollar amount paid to vets 100% disabled???

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