Call Me, Maybe: Military Style

Posted by Charlotte Webster

Callmemaybe danceAttention Hollywood: Call them, maybe.

We tripped across this just in time for the weekend and it totally made us want to pick up the phone.

What I love about it is that — even though everybody and their brother is “remaking” this song online — the humor and versatility of the individuals serving in our armed forces shines through. Many times people think our servicemen and women are dehumanized, war machines. This proves otherwise.

My favorite part is how they worked real military situations into the video (2:16-2:32 seem familiar to anyone, maybe?).

And the dancing is pretty good for a group who only had 30 minutes to learn the moves and 30 minutes for filming over a lunch hour. (You can read the back story on it here.)

Now I don’t want to call anyone out on their free-form dance moves, especially since they are sacrificing so much serving in Afghanistan right now, but a career in dance might not be in the cards for a couple of those guys once they get out of the military. Some were pretty good, but a couple might want to consider going back to school and getting a nice, sit-down desk job. A business or finance degree could land them in one of the highest-paying industries as a financial planner or business manager for a music mogul. Just a thought.

I don’t know you, and this might be crazy, but … just, you know, think about it. Call a school, maybe.

Happy weekend, everyone!


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