A long time ago, at a birthday party far, far away

Posted by Charlotte Webster

LtCol Kiebler jediOne young Star Wars fan had the best surprise in his five years on this planet.

Danny Kiebler’s dad, United States Air Force Col. Rob Kiebler, of Beaverton, Oregon has spent the last 14 months on duty in Afghanistan. Danny wasn’t expecting to see him until the end of the summer. When his fifth birthday came around, like many young boys, he wanted a Star Wars-themed party.

Unbeknownst to Danny, his dad happens to be one stellar party planner. He came home on leave a little early and teamed up with Portland’s Cloud City Garrison, a Star Wars fan club, to give his son a gift that was out of this world.

Kiebler bought a Jedi knight costume, came to the party and blended in with the other costumed characters until the time was right to reveal his identity to his son. What happens next would melt the heart of a Sith Lord.

“I wasn’t sure he was going to let go,” said one member of the Cloud City Garrison.

It’s plain to see Col. Kiebler has a Jedi-worthy knack for strategic planning and tactical maneuvers, whether it’s for an initiative in the desert or managing the intricacies of his son’s party. Planning for the future can be tough, let alone when you’re trying to do it from the other side of the world.

Planning ahead for your kids’ education is no exception. According to an April 2012 study by the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, out of all American families with financially dependent children, only 41 percent of them had money set aside for college. But never fear, young padawan. Even though the cost of higher education is increasing, with your military benefits and resources at hand, saving for your kids’ future education doesn’t have to be a galactic mess.

Like the jawa traders, we have plenty of droids – I mean, articles – for you to choose from that can help you craft a workable plan for the future. Whether you want to plan for your own continued training on Dagobah in college, find scholarship opportunities for your college-age children, or both, you can find relevant information on MilitaryAuthority.com. And may the Force be with you in your search.


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