Free Dari and Pashto Lessons for Active-Duty Military

USO logoSponsored by the USO, Pimsleur is offering free MP3 downloads of their Dari and Pashto language programs. These two languages account for the majority of languages spoken within Afghanistan and are its official languages. Dari is used in education and business with approximately 50% of the people speaking it. Pashto is spoken by approximately 35% of Afghanis. Pashto is also spoken in northern Pakistan. There are 30 lessons available in Dari, and a total of 60 lessons (two 30 lesson courses) in Pashto. These courses retail for $120 each.

Pimsleur Language courses are known the world over for giving users the ability to begin speaking effortlessly with near-native pronunciation, using common, everyday vocabulary.

Pashto Levels 1 & 2, and Dari Level 1 all-audio MP3 programs are easy to download for use in the field or on a base. Upon completion, each learner will have attained intermediate proficiency in speaking and understanding Pashto or Dari, and in reading the Pashto or Dari alphabets.

Expanding your language skills can help beyond your military deployment. Civilian corporations need employees who can communicate across the globe, as interpreters, stateside liasons or in offices located overseas. With more companies diversifying their business plans and with growing opportunities in the Middle East, pursuing a business degree with your military education benefits along with learning a new language can solidify your chances of securing a civilian job once you leave the military. 


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