The Online Student’s Spring Break Dilemma

Spring-Break-online-students-militaryauthorityA group of college students meet for coffee one March morning to discuss their Spring Break plans.

Student A is a sophomore at the local state college; he plans to pick up some extra hours at his part time job. Student B is in her second year at a nearby community college; she and some friends are driving to the beach for the week. Student C works full time at a small startup business, serves in the Army Reserves and is in an online bachelor of business administration degree program.

Pop quiz:  Does Student C get a spring break?

Depending on the school, the answer is probably no, there’s no ‘official’ spring break for most online programs.

But here’s the thing: You don’t need to be a traditional student to have a spring break. There are plenty of ways to take a breather without getting behind in classwork.

Online classwork = flexibility. If you can swing it, spend a little time getting ahead in your reading, projects or assignments so you can relax.

If you don’t live near a beach and/or can’t afford the airfare (who can?) Here’s a few ideas for some springtime fun:

  1. Put on your sunglasses and be a tourist in your own city. Most people avoid their local landmarks – and they miss out on some fascinating history and entertainment. Pack yourself a picnic, grab a few coins for the parking meters and spend a day (or two) basking in the glory of your own hometown.
  2. Give back. If there’s a cause that’s near and dear to your heart, spend time volunteering for them when you’d usually study. During a time of year when most people bug out, a lot of organizations would probably be happy to have an extra pair of hands.
  3. Road trip it. If you absolutely, positively, must get out of Dodge, pick someplace you can drive in an hour or two and soak up all the local flavor. Speaking of flavor, you could make a game of eating only at local diners or drive-ins along the way to wherever you’re going (and back).

Some students – I was always one of these – use spring break to get ahead caught up on projects and reading. If you’re one of these souls, don’t forget that it’s good study hygiene to take a break now and then. Find ways to unplug for a little while – even if you only take an hour away here or there, recharging time is important.

Here are a couple of ideas for mini-getaways:

  • Foodie fieldtrip. This is also known as Dinner (or Lunch) Out. Go to a restaurant, sit down and relax. If you really want to live it up, shower beforehand and put on a clean shirt. You’ll feel like a new person.
  • Get some Vitamin S – Sunshine. Okay, so it’s actually Vitamin D that sunlight delivers, but that’s not as catchy. At any rate, taking a brisk walk outside for twenty minutes can do wonders for you and your brain. Put the laptop aside for a little while and get moving in the great outdoors.
  • Read for fun. Give your brain a rest and read something else that interests you. Spend a few minutes on something that you want to read, whether that’s a classic novel, a comic book, or a trashy magazine.


If you’re an online student, you still need a breather so you can finish the semester strong. Give yourself a much-needed break and don’t miss out on the fun. Even if you have to create your own.

Tell us your spring break tales in the comments below…keep it clean, this is a family blog!  😉


By Christine A. Shelly

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