Four Math Hacks for the Returning Adult Student

math_numberIs a fear of math holding you back from going back to school and pursuing a degree? It’s a common feeling that prevents a lot of people from moving towards their education goals. But it doesn’t have to…

Around half of all U.S. adults feel ‘math panic.’ But that panic can be overcome by opening our eyes to how and why we use math every day. When we do this, we’re improving our math skills. For parents of elementary age kids, Math at Hand: A Mathematics Handbook, is a great resource for tackling long forgotten match concepts and recalling math-related vocabulary.

Real life math exercises can help, too. Use landmarks to draw a map from your work to your house. Simple, right? You’re using geometry, measurement, algebra and mathematic problem solving skills. Another example: Next time you’re at the store, estimate how much your grocery trip will cost. Boom. Math.

Our regular education contributor, Christine Shelly, recently posted some interesting math hacks that could get your brain’s math gears in motion again. Head over to her full article to read more.

Do you have any other math tips or hacks that you use? Tell us in the comments. #mathhacks #lifehacks #students


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