Five Simple Ways to Boost Your Learning Skills

write-things-down-to-rememberHave your “New Year/New Me” resolutions worn paper thin already? There are countless Facebook pages, YouTube videos, and Twitter hashtags devoted to these well-intended statements. Based on studies of human nature, we can assume the majority of people who vow to change December 31 will be back to their old selves by Groundhog Day. 

We all have ‘stuff’ to work on and plenty to learn, but rather than make broad claims of “brand new me-ness,” why not just pick up a tiny new habit or two that makes it easier to continue learning and growing?  Here are some ideas:

Write it down.
Like singing, the physical act of handwriting helps your brain connect with what you’re trying to learn. If you’ve become accustomed to typing everything into a tablet or laptop, the idea of using pen and paper may seem strange to you. Buy yourself a spiral-bound notebook and write down lecture notes, or your errand list, or whatever you want to remember. Educators say you are more likely to recall what you took time to hand write.

Sing out loud.
Nobody likes memorizing a list of facts, but everybody has a favorite song. Next time you’re studying for a test (or just want to make sure you remember to pick up the dry cleaning), put the facts to music and sing it loud. Especially if you’re studying a new language, education experts have found that singing taps into auditory learning skills and helps you recall what you’ve learned more quickly and accurately.


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