The 5 Days of Gifting, the Book Lover

The book lover is a tricky specimen to shop for. See a book you think they’d like? They may have already read it. Or have read reviews about it and decided against it. The sheer magnitude of available options in titles, genres and authors creates an excruciating challenge to shopping for a book lover without giving away your gifting plan. Rather than risk spoiling your loved ones’ Christmas Day surprise, here are a few ideas to help.


Typewriter Laptop Case by Ted Baker ($49;  Amazon)

typewriter-laptopMany’s the classic literary jewel that’s been crafted on a typewriter such as the one depicted on this laptop case. And while a vintage typewriter might be a fabulous gift, they’re expensive, not to mention they’re a tad bit too heavy and awkward to lug to your local coffee shop. Next best thing: a snazzy, inspired laptop case that gives you instant cool points wherever you go.


Repurposed Book Clutch Purse ($40;

book-clutchThe Case of the Curious Christmas Gift has been solved by you and Nancy Drew. Carolyn Keene’s classic series is given new life as a fashion accessory by an American artist on She’s also crafted a washable wallet from the pages of the book to carry your cash or credit cards. Perfect for your fashion forward book loving friends.


Litograph Literary Temporary Tattoos ($5 for two;

temp-tattooDoes your book lover have a bit of a rebellious spirit? Check out the beautiful, memorable temporary tattoos inspired by classic lines of literature available from the artists at Litograph. Your book lover can literally keep their favorite lines of their favorite novel close to their heart. Or ankle. Whatever they choose.


Library Card Coaster Set ($20,

librarycard-coasterWe’re old enough to remember the days when librarians rubber stamped a date on a card to loan you a book. Commemorate those days gone by with these colorful and historically accurate library card coasters. Sturdy enough for your coldest drink and artsy enough to spark a conversation.



Literature-inspired iPhone cases ($25,

If you have a book-loving friend who also appreciates a bit of irony, this custom iPhone case may be the perfect gift for them. Fans of George Orwell’s 1984 may wish this case was made of RFID-deflecting aluminum.






This wraps up our gift idea series for this year. Here’s wishing you and yours a healthy, safe and happy holiday season and best wishes in the New Year.


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