The 5 Days of Gifting, The Animal Lover

You know the profile: this person spends at least a third of their day looking at cat memes, penguin cams or wild horse rescue websites. Their vehicles carry paw print decals in the back windshield and they are twice as likely as your other friends to have donated to a wildlife preservation organization. So what do you give the biggest fan of our four-legged (or double-winged) friends? Put your paws together for this little list of ideas.


World Wildlife Fund Adopt-A-Species ($25 and up;

tigerHave a loved one who’s obsessed with narwhals? Why not “adopt” one for them? With a gift of $25 or more to the World Wildlife Fund, you can symbolically adopt an endangered species and your friend can receive a plush toy, a species reference card and other tokens of appreciation. Your donation will go toward conservation efforts.



Humane Society of the United States ($10 and up;

animalsocietyA donation to The Humane Society of the United States helps support animal rescue efforts, shelters, and training nationwide. For $10 or more, you can provide a holiday gift in honor of your loved one. They will receive a personalized greeting card with a special message – donations of $25 or more also include a year-long subscription to HSUS’s All Animals magazine.


Custom Pet Pop Art ($289;

dogpopartYou always knew Sparky was a superhero. Now you can have him immortalized the way you see him: in colorful, hand-drawn graphic splendor. Simply provide the good people at allPopArt with a photo of your pet pal and voila! You now have a vibrant, cherished keepsake for your animal-loving friends and family.



No/No Green Seed Ball Wild Bird Feeder (about $8, Amazon)

birdseedballWe can’t forget fans of our fine feathered friends this holiday. This steel sphere deters squirrels and provides fresher seed for wild clinging birds to enjoy. Simply fill it, hang it outside and enjoy the delightful wonders of bird watching that are sure to follow.



Unlikely Friendships, by Jennifer S. Holland (about $8, Amazon)

unlikely-friendshipsAs any animal lover knows, we humans can learn a lot from our furry and feathered cohabitants of the planet. Jennifer Holland is a National Geographic writer who has captured unusual tales of inter-species friendship. It’s a little treasure of a book that is sure to warm the heart of whomever receives it.




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