The 5 Days of Gifting, The Foodie

The Foodie is a fun person to shop for. Because food. Cooking. Eating. It’s all glorious. Your particular Foodie may have their own special interests – whether it’s European pastry-making or Brazilian beef – but we’ve done our best to select a variety of fabulous foodie gifts that will make your pal’s mouth water.

Foodie Dice (About $25, Uncommon Goods)

foodie-diceIt takes a certain type of adventurous personality to be a true foodie. Now your foodie can explore culinary adventures by leaving dinner in the hands of fate with the Foodie Dice. A simple roll can yield a multitude of flavor combinations just waiting to be discovered.  Five dice contain options for center of plate protein, grain or carb, bonus ingredient, herb and method of cooking. So when the family asks what’s for dinner, the answer is as easy as a roll of the dice.


The Spice Lab Gourmet Sea Salt Collection ( $55, Amazon)

spice-lab-saltsGive someone you love the gift of variety this holiday. This award-winning collection is one of four available from the Spice Lab, and includes 11 different salts from around the world plus a reference card with food pairings. Which will your foodie like best: the Apple Wood Smoked from El Salvador, the, the Cyprus White Flake, the Pacific Blue Kosher or one of the many others?


Micro Green Kits ($48, Uncommon Goods)

microgreensFor the truly DIY food lover, growing your own organic spices or vegetables is a must. These ready-to-grow kits are made from recycled aluminum and contain USDA-certified seeds and organic growing medium. Sprouts are salad-ready in 7-14 days.

The spice kit includes Japanese mustard, daikon radish and edible chrysanthemum sprouts. Veggie kits include red cabbage, mini-carrot greens and Tom Thumb pea greens.


Suburban Cheesecraft DIY Cheese Kit (etsy, $50)

cheesecraftSpeaking of DIY, this crafty kit provides instructions and tools for the industrious foodie who wishes to make their own fresh cheese.  All you need is milk and a sense of adventure. This makes more than 40 pounds of different types of cheese – including mozzarella, ricotta, goat cheese, paneer and queso blanco. Me gusto queso!




Bamboo Bread Knife ($12, MoMA)

bamboo-knifeAny foodie knows that your kitchen is only as good as your cutlery. This beautiful knife designed by the Museum of Modern Art is as sturdy as it is gorgeous. It can swiftly slice even the crustiest baked goods – and it’s made from sustainable bamboo. A fantastic addition to any foodie’s collection.



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