The 5 Days of Gifting, The Movie Buff

Just about every family has a certified movie fanatic in their ranks. The kind that injects quotes from their favorite movies into each conversation. Whose eyes light up at the name “Kubrick” or “Lumet.” And who has a distinct opinion on the 70mm IMAX versus the 4K digital debate. What kind of gift would earn rave reviews from the cinephile?  We have some contenders.

The Story of Film: An Odyssey, by Mark Cousins  (, about $36)

story-of-filmIrish film historian and critic Mark Cousins crafted this documentary on the history of cinema in 15 unique hour-long episodes. It debuted in 2011 on More4 and aired on Turner Classic Movies in September of 2013. It takes a decidedly personal approach to film history and includes loads of clips from classic movies as well as interviews with legendary filmmakers from around the world.


Netflix subscription (the gift that keeps on streaming, about $8/mo)

netflix-subscriptionWith a basic Netflix subscription, your film fan can watch some of their favorite films and television programs online or from their television. The Netflix services offers more than 2,500 films at your fingertips for a starting subscription price of $7.99/month.



X-Men Blu-ray Complete Collection + Cerebro Helmet  (get it online here)

xmen-blurayWho hasn’t suffered just a teensy bit of helmet envy when watching Cerebro in the X-Men films?  Now your film fan can claim their very own with this complete collection of X-Men films and bonus Cerebro helmet.


Movie Night Snack Pack (prices vary)

snack packNo movie marathon is complete without a bucket full of your favorite snacks. Gift packs like the one shown here can be ordered for delivery from Amazon, but you can also easily pick up a ceramic or sturdy paper popcorn bucket (or two) from your local craft store and load it up with your fan’s go-to treats.



Mondo collectible movie posters (

mondoCombine rock and roll concert posters with classic film posters and you have collectible artwork sure to hold a prized space in any movie fan’s living room. Mondo artists have made a name for themselves by re-imaging classic movie poster art in contemporary art style. These are limited-edition, numbered and signed pieces of art sure to give your movie buff something to applaud.




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