When Your Holiday Plans Include Studying

Posted by Kelli McKinney

nontraditionalFrom an early age, most of us are taught that the Thanksgiving break is a special time.  It’s a time for gratitude, appreciation, and generosity toward our family, friends, and fellow human beings.  It’s a time for reflection, for being aware that in spite of our daily troubles, we are people who have been greatly blessed.  Also, there’s food.

If you’re an online college student, sometimes one of the things you’re most grateful for is the time away from school and work that the holiday brings.  There are some online students, though, who maintain that keeping a rigorous routine of study is what will help them finish the semester on top of their game.

In some households, the Thanksgiving holidays include kids home from school, parents juggling work and travel plans, and lots of hungry houseguests.  When you’ve got a house full of bustling, festive friends and family, finding a quiet, peaceful place to focus on coursework can be a challenge.

If you’re one of those who – for a multitude of reasons – finds themselves needing to hit the books during the holidays, you’re not alone. Here are a few tried and true ways to squeeze in some quality time with your homework over the holidays:

  1. Plan for it.  Figure out how many hours you’ll need to spend reading, writing, or on a webinar, then work those hours in and around your activities.
  2. Give it the turkey treatment. It’s no secret that cooking the holiday meal takes a few hours.  While the bird is cooking, the cook can usually do other things – prepare other meal items, or set the table, or even sit down and watch the parade.  So maybe this year, one of those “other things” is a half hour of reading or studying for a test?
  3. Enlist help.  Wouldn’t it be great if Grandma and Grandpa could watch the kids, or if Aunt Tess could help with shopping, or Uncle Jim could clean the kitchen so you could wrap up that assignment for Monday?  I bet if you ask them, they’d be happy to help.


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