Should Shinseki Resign?

Posted by Debi Teter

should-Shinseki-resign_militaryauthority.comWith an emergency Congressional hearing last night about the serious problems with Veterans Affairs, pressure is mounting on VA Secretary Shinseki to resign.

Officials on both sides of the political aisle are demanding Shinseki step down amidst the controversy, saying that it is taking too long for anyone to be held accountable. Two major issues at hand are the long wait times for VA care and, more recently, that 42 VA facilities are under investigation for misconduct.

Shinseki does have some supporters, though, noting that he is a former member of the military and Vietnam veteran. He could have taken a private sector job after his military retirement, but instead chose to continue to serve by taking charge of the VA. They also note that with 18 reports going back as far as 2005, the problems at the VA with increasingly long wait times for care will take a long time to diagnose and repair.

However, Shinseki has been in his job for five years now, and there are no significant changes to the VA processes and no one in a position of major responsibility has been disciplined or fired.

Tell us how you feel about Shinseki. Do you think he needs more time to turn things around or has he had his chance and should be replaced? Let us know in the comments.



One response to “Should Shinseki Resign?”

  1. I strongly feel the individual state VA reps be held accountable for miss management of their healthcare program. The VA healthcare system has been stuck in Reaganomics era far to long! Every time the administration thrives to save money it is historically at the veterans expense. No Veteran spared any expense to sacrifice for their country