Shinseki: “I have work to do”

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Shinseki-asked-to-resign_militaryauthority.comIn an interview with The Wall Street Journal Tuesday, Eric Shinseki, the head of the Department of Veterans Affairs, said “I serve at the pleasure of the president. I signed on to make some changes, I have work to do.”

Several veterans groups and some members of Congress have called for Shinseki’s resignation after allegations of misconduct at several VA hospitals have surfaced, including the use of a secret wait list used at the Phoenix VA created to cover up delays in appointment times for veterans seeking medical care.

Shinseki admitted he has work to do to rebuild the confidence of veterans, but also tried to highlight what he said were positive changes he has made while heading the department.

The VA, the VA’s inspector general and the House Committee on Veterans Affairs are conducting reviews of the Phoenix VA. “As a result of what’s under way in Phoenix, I’m very sensitive to the allegations,” Shinseki told the Journal. “I need to let the independent IG complete his investigation.”

There are allegations of mismanagement at other VA facilities including Pittsburg; Memphis; Atlanta; Columbia, SC; Augusta, GA; and Fort Collins, CO.

Meanwhile, the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee today issued a subpoena over the scandal in Phoenix.

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