The basics of myPay

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basics-of-mypay-on-militaryauthority.comWhat is myPay?

myPay is an innovative, automated system that puts you in control of processing certain discretionary pay data items without using paper forms. You can also get your pay and tax statements, and travel advice of payment using myPay.

Why should I use myPay? 

  • myPay saves time. myPay eliminates the need to write letters or fill out forms by letting you make your own changes immediately with user-friendly technology.
  • myPay is convenient. You can access myPay nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to change or review your current information, or to check your most recent pay statement.
  • myPay is reliable. myPay has the same procedural checks for accuracy as the paper forms.

When is myPay available? 

myPay is available nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Which pay changes can I make using myPay? 

You can change a variety of discretionary payroll items. You can get a current list of the items you can change from myPay, your servicing payroll office, or your customer service representative.

When will my changes be effective? 

Upon completion and acceptance of a change, myPay will display a “NO LATER THAN” date. Your change will be effective on or before the date myPay displays.

  • Annuitants, Military (all services & components), Civilians and Retirees: You can verify the change to your account by accessing myPay three to seven business days after you make the change, or by contacting your customer service representative.

How will I know that my change was made? 

In keeping with government streamlining efforts and to reduce the use of paper, myPay takes advantage of existing technology and is paperless, so you will not receive any written confirmation. However, myPay displays a “NO LATER THAN” date before and after your change is accepted. Any change you make to your account should be posted no later than this date. You must receive this notification message to ensure that your action has been accepted. If your change does not appear on your account by
then, contact your customer service representative. If you have a registered email address, an email notification will be sent when the transaction is sent to your pay system for processing.

  • Military (Active and Reserve), and Civilians: You may check your Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) to verify that your change was processed.
  • Annuitants: You will receive a pay statement in the mail each time you make a change to your account.
  • Retirees: If you make a change to your allotments or federal tax withholding amount, you will receive a Retiree Account Statement (RAS) in the mail reflecting the change in your net pay unless you have elected to receive your RAS electronically.


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