Philadelphia Eagles’ Receiver donates $50,000 to Wounded Warrior Project

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Jimmy Jackson was a sergeant in the Army who earned two Purple Hearts and two bronze stars serving in the Vietnam War. When his first cousin, Bill Jackson, passed away due to pancreatic cancer in 2009, the longtime Philadelphia resident, had a new mission: he became a surrogate father to his cousin’s son, newly drafted Philadelphia Eagles’ receiver DeSean Jackson.

“The more I hung around him and spent time with him, I could tell how fighting in Vietnam affected his life after the war – injuries, mentally,” Jackson said Tuesday. “I really couldn’t imagine what he went through and what he saw on an everyday basis when he was in the war.”

Jimmy Jackson became the inspiration for the Eagles’ receivers getting involved with the Wounded Warrior Project. In a presentation at Fort Dix, NJ on September 11, DeSean Jackson donated $50,000 to the organization.

DeSean Jackson at Fort Dix

“The Wounded Warrior Project is a great organization and this is something that I feel very grateful and blessed to be able to do,” Jackson said in a statement. “My cousin, Jimmy Jackson, was a Sergeant E5 and won two Purple Hearts and two Bronze Stars after serving in Vietnam.

“After seeing what he’s dealt with throughout his life, this is a cause that really hits home for me. The people in the military put their lives on the line for us every day. I think it’s important to recognize the great service they provide for this country, especially at this time of year.

“I’m excited to meet some of the soldiers and let them know how much I appreciate what they do. They are true heroes.”

After presenting his donation at the Soldier and Family Assistance Center at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, the athlete signed autographs for soldiers and alumni of Wounded Warrior, played cards, shot pool, posed for pictures, and tossed a football around.


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  1. Velee says:

    I think that more people should get involved. I don’t think we had wounded warrior during Desert Storm.

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