TRICARE Prime Enrollment Fees Going Up In October

Posted by Jason Van Steenwyk

increasing costsBrace yourselves: If you’re a military retiree or retiree dependent/family member, your TRICARE enrollment fee will be going up, effective tomorrow, October 1. The amount of the hike depends on when you enrolled. The new fee will be $269.28 per year for individual enrollees, and $538.56 per year for families. For those of you who were enrolled prior to October 1st of 2011, your 2011 fees were $230 and $460, respectively.

If you enrolled after that date, your current fee is slightly larger than those who enrolled prior to October 1, 2011.

Even so, TRICARE rates are bargain-basement, compared to private sector plans offering benefits anywhere near comparable – even where civilian employers are paying half your premium. On a monthly basis, TRICARE Prime costs $22.44 per month for individuals, and precisely twice that for families.

Exception: If you are a survivor of a deceased servicemember, or if you have been medically retired, your fees will not be going up. You are exempted from fee hikes, as long as you are continuously enrolled in TRICARE Prime. 


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