VFW “Disgusted” With Current Elected Leadership

Posted by Jason Van Steenwyk

militaryauthority.com veterans of foreign wars shutdown statementThe Veterans of Foreign Wars has released a statement saying it is “disgusted” with the current crop of politicians in Washington. “Yesterday’s news that the government will not transport or make a death assistance payment to grieving military families was the last straw,” the statement read. “It is absolutely appalling and nothing short of a travesty that elected officials continue to receive paychecks and benefits while not providing for those who deserve it most.”

The statement, attributed to the VFW’s National Commander, William A. Thien, went on: “Because of failed leadership, we have 56 closed Department of Veterans Affairs regional offices, 7,000 furloughed employees, and more than 4 million disabled veterans and survivors who were told next month’s disability or survivor benefits check will be delayed. We also have a hypocritical National Park Service that closes our nation’s war memorials to veterans and a federal government that continues to make foreign aid payments while our own national security is threatened because Congress has failed to pass a defense budget or put an end to the sequester. 

This is totally unacceptable and disgraceful that our elected leaders in Washington would allow this to happen,” said Thien. “We need leadership, not more rhetoric, and if the government is unable to take care of veterans, then the government should quit creating us.”


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  1. francis m doyle US NAVY 1963-1967 says:

    here is my answer to these phonies. all veterans groups get together and start our own political party.these two parties and have been this way since money bought the elections.with our families and relatives we could replace anyone of these slugs.let them run scared and be denied what they are denying us and to stop caring about the illegals has been tormenting me for years.ILLEGALS COME FIRST AND THE VETERANS COME SECOND.

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