Pentagon Gutting TRICARE Prime for 30,000 People

Posted by Jason Van Steenwyk

TRICARE cutsAccording to reporting by Military Times, some 20,000 TRICARE Prime beneficiaries will lose access to their plan, as of April 1, according to Pentagon sources familiar with the matter.

From the article:

The Pentagon is moving ahead with plans to slash its network of Tricare Prime providers, starting by eliminating the Prime option in three states and two cities in the Tricare West region.

As of April 1, as many as 30,000 Prime beneficiaries — retirees, Active Guard and Reserve troops, and family members — in Iowa; Minnesota; Oregon; Reno, Nev.; and Springfield, Mo., will have to switch to Tricare Standard, a traditional fee-for-service health plan, according to a source with knowledge of the reorganization.

Pentagon officials would not confirm that the five areas will lose Prime in April.

The areas lie outside Prime service areas covered under new Tricare regional contracts awarded by the Pentagon.

More details on precisely who is affected and how are available at the link.

The cuts aren’t exactly a surprise: They were first proposed in 2007, as a way to preserve scarce medical resources for active duty families when the military medical system was getting overstressed by deployments.

The cuts aren’t purely a Democratic initiative, either: While the Democrats held both the House and Senate in 2007, it is Republicans who hold the House now. And while Democrat Barack Obama is the Commander in Chief, GOP Senator John McCain, the former presidential candidate from Arizona, also went on record last year advocating similar cuts as a way to preserve training and operations budgets from the ravages of sequestration.


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3 responses to “Pentagon Gutting TRICARE Prime for 30,000 People”

  1. Henry Rea says:

    SHOCKING!!! I cannot beleive that my government would do this to me, after 33years in service, I think I have earned the respect not to cut my health benefits, why can’t they just stop giving away money to people who don’t want to work for it, and stop sending money to countries that hate the USA. 

  2. Tony says:

    WHat’s wrong with standard? I’ve been using that for years and I like it because I dont have to go to the military hospital. I can pick my own doctors, that’s worth making copays plus I dont have to pay annual enrollment either.

  3. MadMaxUSMC says:

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with TriCare Standard; I’ve used it since my retirement in 1995. It’s a fine program. Back off a bit on the conspiracy theories…..

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