Happy Halloween! Best Patriotic Pumpkins

Posted by Kelli McKinney

In honor of this the spookiest of holidays, I made a mad dash with my son to put together his Halloween costume before this morning’s costume parade at school. I can’t believe we put off costume shopping for so long this year, but between work and travel and family stuff, time once again slipped away like a shoplifter from the mall. We only just last night carved our pumpkin.

As I was looking for carving ideas for said pumpkin, I stumbled into some of these military-themed jack-o-lanterns and thought they were worth sharing. I am not what anyone would call particularly skilled with knives or power tools, so whatever we do will have to be fairly simple – that’s why I really like the “Drill Sergeant” pumpkin. We have a no-smoking rule at our house, so we’ll make a minor change and swap the cigarette for a lollipop, though.

saluting pumpkin

flag and eagle pumpkin

Semper Fi pumpkin

Marine Corps pumpkin

Drill Sergeant pumpkin

Here’s wishing you and yours a safe and happy Halloween!


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  1. clarence says:

    Great carvings on the Punkins

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