UPDATE: Obama Signs Death Benefit Bill into Law

Posted by Jason Van Steenwyk

militaryauthority.com_Obama-signs-death-benefits-billPresident Obama has signed a law authorizing the payment of death benefits and gratuities. The bill reached his desk after receiving overwhelming votes in both houses of Congress. 

The President’s spokesperson, Jay Carney, had earlier stated that the law was “gimmicky” and “unnecessary,” because the Fisher House had already agreed to front the necessary cash to military families who have lost a servicemember. 

President Obama and the Democratic-controlled Senate have been resistant to partial funding measures passed by the House to fund other areas of government, and event to bills that would fund everything but delay the individual mandate to buy health insurance in the Affordable Care Act for one year.  

Thus far, the House has been loathe to pass anything with funding for Obamacare as is in it, while the Senate and the President have opposed passing or signing anything without it. The three exceptions so far have been the Pay Our Military Act, a law authorizing retroactive payment to furloughed federal workers once the government revs up again, and this one.


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  1. Socrates says:

    I hope that nobody thinks he did this because he really gave a damn about the fallen and their families. He had just announced he would not sign it and apparently someone with a tad bit of common sense and guts informed him that if he did not sign it there would be Hell to pay and he would get the blame. So he and Harry decided that they would support it. 
    I actually do not think that bho has the common sense to run the country and that Harry Reid is calling the shots for him. 
    Psalm 109: 9-10

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