November is Military Family Month

Posted by Kelli McKinney

military familyIn an address last week, President Obama declared the month of November “Military Family Month,” a month in which every American should pay tribute to military families for their sacrifices and contributions they make to support our soldiers and our nation.

An excerpt from the President’s statement reads:

“In our military families, we see the best our country has to offer. They demonstrate the virtues that have made America great for more than two centuries and the values that will preserve our greatness for centuries to come.

With loved ones serving far from home, military spouses take on the work of two. Their children show courage and resilience as they move from base to base, school to school, home to home. And even through the strain of deployment, military families strengthen the fabric of each community they touch and enrich our national life as shining examples of patriotism.”

The President’s proclamation kicks off the Department of Defense and our country’s month-long celebration of the military family.  Throughout this month, military families are honored in a number of ways in ceremonies across the country. Recognition and respects are being paid by community leaders, businesses, military installations and posts at family fun nights, special dinners, local sporting events and other community activities this month.

Contact your base family activities unit or chamber of commerce to find out if there are any special activities near you, and be sure to show your support for military families this month.


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  1. Edward Jeffries USAF MSGT (retired) says:

    I spent 25 years total service under 7 diffreant presidents in 3 major conficts, WWII-Korea-Vietnam. Raised 4 smart beautiful 
    kids. Started the 63/445 Norton Veterans Group which has 130 members, our group is building a 
    memorial to honor all who served at Norton AFB,CA. I will be 85 the 
    1st Dec.

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