Five Gifts for Five Bucks or Less

Posted by Kelli McKinney

There’s nothing quite like Christmas to tempt even the most frugal among us to go bananas and blow up our budget. But who says you have to spend a lot of money on a gift to make someone’s holiday extraordinary? 

Here are a few ideas to bring big smiles without leaving big holes in your wallet.


For your forgetful-and-creative sister-in-law: The Origami Sticky Note

sticky noteYou can jot down your grocery list, and then fold it into the shape of a potbellied pig!  Fun for everyone and good for the earth.




For your stressed out cousin: The Bubble-Wrap Keychain

bubblewrapSqueeze each and every one of the eight rubbery “bubbles” and delight in the satisfying popping noises. Then, do it again. Bonus:  Every 100 “pops,” you hear a random surprise sound.



For the coworker who constantly tangles themselves up in their corded desk phone: The Bobino

bobinoAn easy, stylish way to avoid the dreaded cord tangle. Works on anything with a cord: earbuds, phone chargers, even corded phones.





For your quirky niece: Snow-in-a-Can

snow canPerfect for “Christmas in July” parties or whenever you feel like making a little wintry mischief. Comes with a pair of googly eyes and red scarf for potential snowman accessorizing. Snow is non-toxic and reusable.





For your favorite smartphone fan: Phoney Owl

phoneyWhoo’s calling, please? Perch the Phoney Owl in the headphone jack of your smartphone and you’ve got a steadfast companion.







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