The Top 10 Reactions to the DoD’s New “Distinguished Warfare Medal” From Around the Web

Posted by Jason Van Steenwyk

Top 10 DoD reactionsLast week, outgoing Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announced that the military was rolling out a new medal, the Distinguished Warfare Medal, designed to recognize outstanding achievement by those involved in drone operations, cyber-warfare, and the like. The Pentagon announced that the new medal would rank below the Silver Star, but above the Bronze Star Medal, even with “V” device, and the Purple Heart.

Reactions from around the web were entertaining and colorful, to say the least – and were nearly uniformly incredulous or condemnatory.

While many agreed we should be recognizing the contributions of rear-echelon troops doing a good job, there were no defenders of the decision to place the award above the BSM and Purple Heart in the OML. Not one.

Here are the top 10 reactions to the DWM from bloggers and commenters around the Web.

10. “Hmmmm, I ain’t a sneaky pete operator or nothing like that.

But to me it does kinda sting a little and make my 250+ mission days “Outside the wire” running all around Sadr City then Najaf and Diwaniya doing a job and shouldering the responsibility 2 ranks above what I was wearing seem a little less important.”  —“ShitPile”

9. “So this new medal for sitting in an OPS center at some undisclosed location will be higher than that?  Higher than the Bronze Star that a PFC at a remote COP might be awarded for taking charge of his mortar team during a patrol and providing accurate fires on the enemy after his team leader was wounded?  Higher than a Bronze Star awarded to a Buck Sergeant, who after being deployed for 7 months, is working 3 levels higher as the Company First Sergeant in his section because of combat attrition?  No disrespect to the Predator driver and missile shooter; you guys are an important component in the battles we fight, but I could get my work done in the ‘Stan without them.  They are doing a job that can be done wearing flip-flops while eating take out. The only thing funnier than giving this award would be seeing this medal awarded to the awardees standing at attention in their flight suits.

There are alot of medals for achievement, I don’t think we need one that would rank higher than a Bronze Star for the ‘‘extraordinary achievement’’ of pressing the “FIRE” button on your Predator Drone flight control to launch a missile that is going to ride a laser beam being painted on a target by a TAC-P that is just as dirty, sleep deprived and smelly as the platoon of infantry in the fight around him; who are actually and life threateningly engaged with the enemy.

And if you are thinking “Deebow, why are you so upset about this?  Don’t you want to recognize the contributions that these people have made to the GWOT?”

Ask me that after you read my Bronze Star citation…”  —Deebow

8. “Well, those in the military know what an award really means, so I have no doubt that this cereal-box prize will find its proper level of merit in the minds of those who matter.”  —Pubius

7.  “As one that earned the Bronze Star w/Valor I believe everytime you see someone wearing this POS medal just pop him or her in the chops. Won’t take long for it to go into the bottom drawer.” – James Smith, Ret. E-7, USAF

6.” All of a sudden my bsm just does’nt seem as important. i kinda feel like doing a john kerry and throwing it at the white house.” —bobdacat

5. “I fail to see why any combat medal is even being comtemplated. If they feel bad about the job, get counseling or get out – it’s the military, not car insurance sales.”  —dorotheab

4. “Was this the brainchild of some Chairborne Ranger fornicating with the Good Idea Fairy?” –Scott Allen Lachut

3. “Will it be virtually awarded to their avatar?” — 68W58

2. “This is a massive insult to all soldiers who EARNED their Bronze Star medal. What a slap in the face.”  —Justin Lawson, Fairfield, CT

…And the number one reaction to the Pentagon’s new Distinguished Warfare Medal is:

1. “Wow! For a second I thought I was reading the Duffelblog!”Stephen Murga, Miami, Florida


One response to “The Top 10 Reactions to the DoD’s New “Distinguished Warfare Medal” From Around the Web”

  1. I entered the service in 1970, served aboard two nuc. subs. I served til I turned sixty and this award is a slap in the face to all our brave men and women who have served and are still serving. As a submariner our highest awards are generally the puc,nuc, and muc.I know that as the silent service we do not get credit but to slap the soldier who risked all to save his comrades in arms is below the belt, but what do we expect from this Administration and its cronies.I believe the rear echelon personel should get some recognition but not much above national defense medal.

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