Weapons Of Mass Distraction: How to Focus on School

MilitaryAuthority.com Distraction Free School FocusMost of us think of multi-tasking as having a super-human like ability to complete multiple tasks simultaneously. We all do it, right? We complete that research paper while checking the sports scores, we text our friends about upcoming plans while we make dinner, and we update our social networking status while we’re waiting for an email back from our boss at work. Multitasking, and all the challenges that come with it, is a way of life for many of us.

But as it turns out, our brains truly work best when they work on one thing at a time.

In an interview with the Chronicle of Higher Education, the author of the Stanford study, Ulrich Mayr, uses the example of watching television while doing homework from a textbook. While you’re following the television story, your brain won’t track with the homework. While you’re doing your homework, your brain won’t comprehend what’s going on with the story on TV.

So what happens when Captain Tangent strikes and your mind starts to wander? How do you answer your brain when it asks, “How can I concentrate better in school?”

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  1. It’s so true. Really you can’t multitask if you want to be effective. One task will always take more precedence than the others and usually it will be the one that’s more interesting.

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