Pentagon moves forward in restoring Tuition Assistance

Posted by Charlotte Webster

describe the imageThe Pentagon announced yesterday that it is reinstating Tuition Assistance programs which had been cut for the Army, Marine Corps and Air Force as part of the sequestration cuts.

An amendment blocking the tuition cuts was passed as part of the continuing resolution funding bill pushed through Congress last week. President Obama signed the measure into law Tuesday. 

The bi-partisan amendment was sponsored by Senators Kay Hagan (D – N.C.) and James Inhofe (R – Ok). The continuing resolution bill did not reduce the $46 billion in overall cuts the Pentagon must make to comply with sequester, but it did give the DoD more flexibility in shifting funds into its operations and maintenance accounts. 

So for all of you military students out there, it’s time to hit the books again!


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4 responses to “Pentagon moves forward in restoring Tuition Assistance”

  1. John P. Cummins says:

    Will this also affect the Guard and Reserve or is it for Active Duty only?

  2. Debi Teter says:

    According to all reports, the law states that Tuition Assistance must be restored. It does not specify different benefits for active duty versus Guard/Reserve, so it looks like everyone is covered.

  3. Mike says:

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  4. Mike says:

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