Thanksgiving Letter to a Soldier

Posted by Charlotte Webster



Dear Friend,

We thought of you today, as we were cooking and cleaning, preparing to sit down for a hot, home-cooked meal with family and friends.  We thought of so many empty chairs at so many tables across the country, so many post-turkey naps with your name on them.

We wondered what you’d think of the crazy holiday shopping frenzy – would you join the long lines to get deals or would you be a vocal protester of all those stores that are open on holidays?  Then we realized you would probably laugh – because you’re where you are, without the day off, safeguarding our right to even have the debate.  

When you’re thinking of us, wondering what we’re doing, know that we do the same. Know that we’re forever proud of you, praying for you, counting the days until you’re home. 

We wouldn’t have nearly as much to be thankful for without you. 


The Thankful

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